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Weigh Less With No Stress

The Perfect Guide For Looking Your Best Without Any Stress!

Step By Step Approach 

To be alive in this modern world is to be under a lot of stress. Many events can cause us stress such as the ring of a cell phone, getting a new job, falling in love, or the death of a family member. Some level of stress can be beneficial because they can propel us to move in the right direction, they can challenge us to open our mind to creativity. However, we have our distress, these stressors are the villains of or health and they need to be under control. They comes from within as self-doubts, anger, and fear which causes our hearts to race, our blood pressure to continue to climb, and the stress hormone to flood our systems in response to our modern way of living. It is important to understand your stress level and to take the necessary approach to manage your stress. This guide will help you get a better understanding of stress and provide you with different stress management techniques. 

- Understanding Stress

In this section, you will get informations on how stress is affecting your body and your health.

- Weight Loss And Stress

In this section you will learn how stress can stunt your weight loss, and prevent you from getting the body that you desire. You will learn the different chemical reactions that are happening in your body while under stress that are in the way of your weight loss.

- How Stress Are You?

This section is your stress level test to find out how stress you might be. 

Having a little bit of stress here and there is not necessarily a bad thing especially if it is good positive stress that pushes us to be better. However, sometimes we don’t even know how stress we are or how many stressful situations that we go through on a daily bases. We say to ourselves that everything is ok, without really taking the time to look within and to evaluate what’s really bothering us. 

Take the time to answer the questions in your test to determine your stress level. It is based on a scale of 1 to 5. 1 being the most true, 5 not true at all , or you may fall somewhere in the middle. After answering all of the questions, add all of your numbers up to find out your score. 

If you fall under 36 points, your stress level is low. If you’re between 37 - 47, your stress level is moderate and you should take necessary measures to keep your stress low. A score between 48 - 57, your life is very stress and you need to take action today to start reducing the amount of stress load and to improve your habits and quality of life. If your score if above 57, your life is extremely stress and you need to take action ASAP. Find a stress management routine that can teach you how to relax and easy your mind. Don’t waste any more time, start looking into different approach that can benefit you because your health is depending on it.

- Stress Management Steps and Techniques 

In this section you will find 5 stress management techniques and how to do them. 

- Supplement Recommendations

In this section you will get some informations on some supplements that can help you ease your mind and relax.

- Stress Management Planner

In this section you will find your four weeks planner that will help you plan your day and minimize some stressors throughout your day.

If you are fed-up about how you are feeling and you are serious about managing your stress, it is important to have a plan in place and it is just as important to follow through with your plan. This planner is a great addition in helping you setting routines and staying organized to keep your stress level well managed.

How To Use Your Planner

  1. Take the stress level test to find out your score. 
  2. Determine a day to plan your week ahead. Sundays or Saturdays are best depending on when you want to start your week. 
  3. Set an alarm to go to bet on time that will allow you to have at least eight ours of sleep, and have an alarm to wake up on time and to give yourself enough time to have your morning routine. 
  4. Date each week, to keep for your record and for your evaluation in case you need to make a few changes moving forward. 
  5. Look through the check list of each day during the week and checkmark the once you would like to do on a day to day. Feel free to add your own stuff, something that make you feel good and at your best. The once that are grated out needs to be completed on that day. 
  6. Adjust your planner as needed. And repeat planner as much as you need to.

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