The Woman's Weight Loss System For A Happier Healthier You!

Step By Step Approach 

This program is a step by step approach to help you stay on top of your weight loss and to get you mentally prepared. Before jumping into your workouts, it is very important that you read the hole program because each step will provide you with the informations that you need to be successful in your weight loss. It is very important to complete the first 3 steps of this program so that you can get into the habit of making your weight loss a priority. 

Step 1: Getting To Know Your "Why"

In this step you will get the chance to answer some questions that will help you connect with yourself and to what you are trying to accomplish. 

Step 2: Fitness Goals Setting

In this step, you will answer specific questions that will help you determine your goals, set a timeline to accomplish these goals, and questions that will help you make your goal a priority. 

Step 3: Progress Tracker

In this step, you will be able to track your measurements every two weeks from your starting date. 

Step 4: Fitness Program 

In this step you will find your 12 weeks fitness program. This step is split into 3 phases and each phase is 4 weeks long. You will get all of the information needed doing each phase to continue to focus and to get results.

Step 5: Meal Plan

In this step you will find your 12 weeks meal plan. It consist of delicious meals that you get to enjoy while getting results. Your meals are divided into three phases to mach your workouts. All the information needed for your plans are provided so that it can be easy to follow. 

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