7 Day Meal File

7 Day Meal Plan

We are super excited that you are taking control of your diet and your health, that is why we’ve created this meal plan to help you alone the way. We understand that it can be difficult to figure out what to cook sometimes, which is why this meal plan is perfect for you, its simple and easy to follow.

This plan is based on a 1600 calories or less so it is important to find out your daily recommended caloric intake based on your nutritional goal. Your daily caloric needs might be different according to your age, gender, and your activity level. This meal plan is a recommendation and it can be adjusted to meet your daily caloric needs.

This meal plan is based on a low carbohydrate diet to reduce bloating, help the body get rid off unnecessary water weight, and push the body to burn more fat for fuel. We recommend that you pair this meal plan with daily activities for better results (example below).

  • Monday: Weight training (day after cheat meal/ Heavy carb day)
  • Tuesday: Cardio Day (running, group class and more…)
  • Wednesday: Rest day
  • Thursday: Weight Training (heavy carb day)
  • Friday: Active recovery day (walking)
  • Saturday: Weight Training (heavy carb day)
  • Sunday: Stretch and recover for the week 

Some meals recommend the use of nut products so we recommend that you consult your physician or adjust the plan to your liking to better suit your daily caloric demands.


We Want To Help You Achieve Your Goals

Now that you have access to your 7 day meal plan, we don’t want you to stop here! Staying healthy is an ongoing goal with many adjustments along the way. If you like your plan and want to take your health to the next level, click on the button below to check out how we can further assist you on achieving your goals and living a healthy lifestyle.

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